Medicare Equality


We Need Change, and YOU are an important part in making it happen!

    The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has started a new push for Medicare Equality. The impact of this initiative will be felt by the entire profession. It will also impact current and future patients.

    Right now, as you know, patients pay out of pocket for any services beyond an adjustment, including the initial examination, X-rays, therapeutic modalities, therapeutic exercise and manual. The ACA is working to make full access to chiropractic care a reality for Medicare patients. Research shows that when patients receive chiropractic treatment, they are healthier. They are less dependent on prescription drugs, they have fewer surgeries and they visit healthcare providers less often. But the current system does not allow them coverage for this type of health care.

    Today’s Medicare system relies on out-of-date statistics that unfairly discriminate against DC’s. It does not allow Medicare beneficiaries’ access to the care that will improve their health safely and effectively.  The Medicare system is extremely outdated and placed the financial burden on the chiropractic patient for too long. It’s time for the profession to seriously fight for change.

   Another important component in the Medicare fight is the fact that Medicare guidelines continue to have a huge impact on the way other health plans are run. Chiropractic benefits are continually being reduced and those plans that are exempt from state law are normally exempt because it is following Medicare guidelines. We must have change and you can have a big impact in making it happen.

Start today by making sure all of your patients, staff, friends and family sign the ACA Medicare Equality Petition below!


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