Member Benefits

ASCA Health, Vision and Dental Insurance Plan

The ASCA offers group Health insurance through BCBS and Vision and Dental insurance through Southland. These plans are only available to ASCA members. Click HERE for more information.

Quality educational seminars offered at discount

Peer Review & Ethics Committees 

The ASCA Peer Review Committee provides a means for the review of chiropractic claims to remain the responsibility of the chiropractic profession. Claims are reviewed expeditiously at minimal cost to members. The ASCA Ethics Committee is committed to upholding the association's professional Code of Ethics.

Regulatory Advocacy 

ASCA works closely with state and federal agencies to ensure that the rights of chiropractors and patients are protected and enhanced. ASCA serves as the liaison for the profession with such agencies as the Department of Industrial Relations, Alabama Department of Insurance, Alabama Department of Public Health and the Alabama Board of Chiropractic Examiners. ASCA also works with national organizations to resolve issues which arise at the federal level.

Marketing and Public Relations Program 

The goal of the Employer Marketing Program is to enhance employer/payer understanding of chiropractic care and the benefits associated with offering a comprehensive chiropractic benefit to their employees.  Through the marketing and public relations program the ASCA works to ensure that Alabama employers understand the positive impact that incorporating a sound chiropractic benefit can have on the outcomes associated with their company health benefit plan.  The ASCA also works on the member's behalf to educate the public about chiropractic and its benefits, promote the practice and profession of chiropractic, and helps to implement programs that support and further the practice of chiropractic.


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By joining ChiroHealthUSA, Doctors get peace of mind and audit-proof their discount policies, the have a more affordable way to continue their treatment in their office, and chiropractic is benefited on a national and local level, as a portion of every card that is sold in there is donated to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, The Congress of Chiropractic State Associations and participating State Associations.

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An electronic clearinghouse that will favorably impact your cash flow.  For you the ASCA member: ◦ Unlimited submissions for a flat monthly fee or $66.00 with estimated savings of $600 - 900/year per doctor (average based on competitors price of $125/mo) ◦ Access to de-identified peer data both in your state and nationally to better understand your practice profile compared to your peers. ◦ Dramatically increased scrutiny of your cash flow and intra-office processes/efficiencies compared to other offices in your area ◦ Compatible with over 4000 practice management software versions. Infinedi is in all 50 states and all health care disciplines. ◦ Unlike many clearinghouses who are owned by insurance companies Infinedi is privately owned and not beholden to any payer- only our subscribing doctors, our member. What does it cost? The pricing structure for the first 50 members of ASCA would be: • Set up fee: $100.00 (ASCA Group savings of $95.00) • Monthly fee for unlimited claims submittal: $66.00 (Savings Group savings of $180/yr.) The ASCA encourages you to immediately take advantage to this unique member benefit and obtain the special pricing negotiated for you by using code: ASCA90. Then click here to get more information about how to enroll:  Or call (800) 688-8087 to speak with the Client Implementation Department

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